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My poor heart

How does he do this?

"Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it."
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Returning to this blog after six months
How I’ve missed it.

I’ve been mentally, emotionally, and physically destroyed for a day and a half, I’ve not slept for going on 24 hours, I’m financially a mess, and I couldn’t be more stressed that Christmas, moving, and the court date is all within two weeks. On the plus side, I found 25 dollars I didn’t know I had. Today hasn’t been too bad.


Tahereh Mafi, Unravel Me


"I’m not upset at all, Yasaburou Kuroyuki-sama." She replied promptly, arms crossing over her chest as she did so. Her grades had not been her fault but rather his. She had worried over nothing. Of course, she wasn’t upset. She was fuming. 

 ”I will say that I do like the ‘-sama’, but it’s certainly not what I had in mind when I requested you quit calling me by my full first name.”-“—Can’t you just say you’re going to hit me with the book, rather than ask me confusing questions?”

 Ayame glared at him in silence, trying to figure out which response would be best. She could simply throw the book at him but that was expected and not as satisfying as she would have liked but it would be an immediate satisfaction. Getting up from her seat without a word, she began to head for the door. If she was his solution to boredom then she would simply get rid of his solution. Being toyed with in such a manner, though she had become accustomed to it unfortunately, was something she disliked the most. Ayame turned around, “If you excuse me, Yasaburou Kuroyuki, I have class to attend.”


"H-Hey wait, where are you going?" The attendant lifted himself from the slouched position that he set himself in, peering curiously to Ayame as she began to exit the office. Now what? ”It was in good intention!” That intention being to cure his boredom and to find a way to slack off from doing his job. Shoulders deflating as he watched her exit through the doorway, he mused to himself in a defeated tone. “Ah~, that plan backfired on me, didn’t it?” 

Looking around the room, all that was left for conversation was the ticking of the analog clock hanging over the cork board, the blond grumbled in annoyance that his plaything had left him to fend for himself against his boredom. Removing himself from the seat, Yasa followed her down the hallway. 

"This isn’t very thoughtful, Aya-chan. What am I supposed to do now?"


Shoulders rose and fell with the sound of a soft sigh. Ayame quietly finished the sentence she was on, inserted her book mark, and deftly shut the book.
"Yes, I do recall checking my grades and spending a few hours going over my homework scores and test scores. I also recall not disclosing this information to you nor giving you permission to ‘fudge’ my grades." Tilting her head at him, legs extending and crossing, she smiled. "Yasaburou Kuroyuki-sama, if my hand were to somehow let go of this book and then this very same book would somehow hit your face…that would also be considered a coincidence, wouldn’t it? Right?"


"Eheh, you’re upset—" His voice shrinking to a high-pitched whisper as the brunette’s tone rose in compliment to her anger. This was an obvious observation, and one he knew was inevitable to come. If it was one thing that terrified him more than her distasteful silence, it was the smile placed so promptly on her lips that read as more sinister than his own typical, sly grin. "I will say that I do like the ‘-sama’, but it’s certainly not what I had in mind when I requested you quit calling me by my full first name." 

"—Can’t you just say you’re going to hit me with the book, rather than ask me confusing questions?"

"Yasaburou-san it is then." Ayame concluded as Yasa was not one of the choices she had given him. Raising her head to watch his progress with his game, she lowered her book on her lap. "Tsukino could be the name of an old business man or woman. If we were centered around our names, we would be more like books than people. Then again, some books are surprising and deviate from their title. In short, it isn’t the name but the person that matters, Yasaburou-san." A frown appeared on her features with his answer. She had an inkling that his response would be somewhere along those lines. "As long as it doesn’t negatively affect me, Yasaburou Kuroyuki-sama, I’ll leave it at that." And with that, she returned once more to her book.

Continuing on with his game, Yasa grumbled at Ayame’s lack of flexibility when it came to his nickname. As she continued to talk about names, books (of course she would make a book reference), and businessmen, he glanced in her direction with a flat look and replied, “I was paying attention to my game, what did you say?” Turning back to his console, a light snicker was contained in his lungs so it may remain unheard. He just had to annoy her, even slightly, before he told her the truth about her ability to accompany him in the office.

Shutting his handheld and putting it safely out of her reach where destruction may not harm it, he peered toward Ayame once more. “So.. you know how some teachers give me student’s work to grade and how some of those teachers are yours?” He exhaled a sheepish chuckle, “—and — now this is totally irrelevant — but, you know how you weren’t doing so well in math and history for a couple weeks?” A pause. “…I might have fudged your grades just a little bit and told them I’d tutor you.. and your grades went back to normal when you started regularly coming to the office.” Another sheepish chuckle adorned his sly grin.

"What a coincidence.. right~?"